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The Myth About Corns

Many, many years ago when the ancestors of modern podiatrists roamed the plains of America, a subtle misconception was planted in the heads of their clients. These itinerant “corn cutters” would carefully conceal a tint piece of fish gut behind their fingers. After removing a corn they would triumphantly flourish the fish gut and announce they had removed the “by its roots”.

Today, I suffer from the sins of my forefathers whenever patients insist I remove a corn “by its roots”. Corns and callouses are simple thickenings of skin caused by friction, pressure, or shearing forces. They should only be treated by a trained professional who can safely and painlessly remove them.

Corns don’t have roots. If you would like the corn permanently corrected, it is necessary to determine the source of the friction. It is usually caused by the fact that the toe is no longer lying perfectly flat in the shoe but has assumed the cocked up position of a hammer toe.

After many years a hammer toe may become frozen in the joints. These rigid deformities can be corrected with a surgical arthroplasty. But even this can be avoided if the deformity is identified early on before it becomes rigid.

While still flexible, the tendons contracting the toe can be “stretched” under a local anesthetic without incision or sutures. You can put your shoes and socks back on and return to work the same day. One of my patients likes to call it the “lunch hammer toe procedure”.

We accept most insurances. Now accepting Blue Cross and Blue Shield and we accept Cigna Medicare Access Plans.

North Lakeland Foot Clinic is open 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday.

For an appointment or more information, call 863-859-4434 or visit us at 4973 US Hwy 98 N.

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